PragoData Consulting, s.r.o.




Information technologies have the power of both helping and harming.

Without efficient project management the latter is much more likely to happen.


Since 1992, the PragoData Consulting Company has provided a variety of ICT-related services for the leading Czech and international corporations. Our project managers and IT specialists have had experience in a range of intensive and demanding projects in the fields of:


red square Design and implementation of information systems and ICT strategies

red square Project management

red square Business process analysis

red square Preparation and realization of EU funded projects

red square Implementation of ICT support in online education and training

red square Custom-built ICT development

red square Development of multimedia content, technical animations and simulations


All projects utilize modern and proved technologies especially for developing web applications, rich media content in e-learning courses, technical animations in industry and health care or information system modules.


Our goal is to find the most suitable solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs in all aspects – development, process organization, administration, information accessibility, employee training support or public relations. We spare no effort in finding the most appropriate individual solution, since all our customers have individual and diverse requirements.


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