Fields of experience

 Science keeps evolving and administration has to be dynamic to adapt and serve science properly!


Our fields of experience and services in a nutshell.



cerchiofreccia Organizational Structure


Duties and responsibilities shall be distributed according to roles but not necessary lead to a hyerarchical structure.


 Harmonize procedures, workflow and policies by building the bridge between departments and improving communication.


cerchiofreccia Research Infrastructure (RI)


During the last decade, most of the European funding agencies have been supporting the development of Research Infrastructures, resulting in an increase of administrative duties without an adequate compensation of professional support.

Facility leaders are asked to full fill adminsitrative duties and reduce time available for scientists.

With more then 12 years experience in Research Infrastructure Management we can assure you professional support without increasing administrative staff.

From the start up, through the development till the steady-state, we follow the development of research infrastructures and assure the interaction with the progress of scientific needs in the institute.



orange square RI's prerequisites

orange square Organizational structure

orange square Business and financial model

orange square Financial methodology

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cerchiofreccia  Financial services


Our consultants assist you to accurately understand the financial aspects of your institute by developing and implementing dynamic financial plans, expenditure forecasting and operating models.


orange square Middle-long term Financial Plan and Forecast

orange square Institute Budget Analysis

orange square Reporting and monitoring system

orange square Financial assessment



cerchiofreccia  Management Tools


An appropriate managment tool is the ultimate step to reach efficiency and professionality. Do not underestimate the power of a consolidate system where adminsitration and scientists could be in connection to exchange information and data with no additional burden.


We can evaluate which kind of managment tool is more convenient for your organization. Eventually, we can design and implement a new managment system or customize our MARIE.





If you seek experience in science administration, we can provide you interim qualified staff to be inserted in your team. We will assist you to solve specific tasks, carry on a project or train administrative staff member.



cerchiofreccia  Workshop & Training


We periodically organize workshop but also in-house training course.

Please have a look also at our Workshop.



Managment system for RI

Improve communication

Enhance efficiency

Reduce costs