Executive management

Research Group

As Research Group Leader you need to optimize your institutional funds and third party grants.


You may want to assure continuity to your PhD students or to your Posdoc till the end of the project, and you are lost following up working contract duration vs grant position available. You want to do science!


We can assist you in all your administrative duties.

Here below a short summary of how we can support you. Please email us for more details!


orange square Personnel Overview

An easy and readable overview of all your employees' contracts can be automatically updated and view with one click.

You will able to answer questions like:



orange square Budget reports

If you have a clear understanding of your budget, you can better plan the development of your projects.

If you can quantify your resources and how these can be allocated and spent, you won't have unexpected surprise shortly before deadlines.


You will be able to answer questions like:

What's my yearly total budget?

Will my yearly budget be sufficient next years too?

How much have I already spent and how much is it still remaining?

Which fund would allow me to cover running costs?

How can I combine my institutional allocation?

orange square Grant administration

Are you going to submit a EU Grant and you don't want to spend energy in understanding all the financial requirement? Or have you been awarded one, but you don't want to hire a project manager full time?


We can assist you during the preparation phase to identify the major costs of your project, therefore prepare the appropriate budget structure and integrate the financial section into your grant proposal.


Our experienced project managers can support you while submitting financial reports on a regular basis, and coordinating the resources between the partners. We bridge with the administration and relieve you from any administrative duties.


Contact us before you submit a grant.



orange square Scientific Imaging Services

A scientific imaging service which can provide full range of support services to PhD students, Postdocs and Group Leaders.


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Improve communication

Enhance efficiency

Reduce costs