Core management system




Save costs and manage the existing resources effectively!

Translate scientific results into real-time meaningful financial information!


Core Vision in Science has designed a novel MAnagement system for Research InfrastructurE (MARIE), with the aim to support core facility manager and institutional administrators to professionally manage research infrastructure.


MARIE is a multitasking and multi-user web-based application with an intuitive navigation and a friendly user-interface.


Its architecture enables and increases the knowledge available to any level of the institution, while merging and sharing data. It smooths and downstreems operational and administrative flow.


Intranet Portal supports managers and administrators to access and exchange information, whereas Web Portal transfers the information from-to external authorized users. Interfaces are designed to facilitate employees to enter data, search and filter information therefore centralized the flow and automatically translate data in meaningful reports. 


MARIE's current available Modules


1. User Management

2. Personnel Overview

3. Recharge and Billing system

4. Funding source menagment

5. Reporting and Controlling system


Each Core Facility has a dedicated Interface with similar functionalities. User-Interface might be different because of permissions and/or diversity of mandatory data.



Administrative tool

MARIE is moreover a powerfull administrative tool. You can full fill all legal and adminsitrative requirement without additional burden. Facility leader concentrates on providing the scientific qualified support they are asked by automatically giving all relevant information to the administration who later on needs to send out a correct invoice.


System integration and data synchronization

The Software can be integrated with existing hardware and software environment. Customer’s requirements for integrating the system with other software will be realized as customized features.



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