Executive Management

Science keeps evolving and administration has to become dynamic, ready to adapt well to new conditions and serve science properly!


The combination between good science and good administration is essential to reach a professional management level that enable scientists to perform excellent research, no matter if you are setting up a new research center or you are leading an already well established institute.


Compare process and strategies, foster qualificiation and skills of your staff, consolidate the basis of the general administration introducing a professional centralized management. Finally, set up a proper reporting system to improve the communication with scientists and you will assure comparable high quality financial data to support long-term strategic decision.


Match scientific needs with administrative requirement and you enhance the overall outocome of the institute.


Our expertise will bring your Institute to a self-sustainable infrastructure.


Our consultant can be either located at your institute, for a certain period of time, or can also collaborate from our headquarter and have remote access to your infrastructure.


Here below our esxpertise in a nutshell.


 cerchiofreccia Research infrastructure


Research Infrastructures play a key role in the progress of science, especially when sophisticated technology is crucial to achieve scientific results, large investments are required and higher level of expertise is fundamental.



orange square Define, set up, upgrade or renovate Core Facility

orange square Recharge and Billing system

orange square Cost Matrix and User Fee Calculation

orange square Funding and Contribution

orange square Cost assessment and long-term Financial Plan

orange square Managment tools: MARIE


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cerchiofreccia Research Group


To carry on scientific projects a Principal Investigator (or Research Groups Leader) need resources as well as technical and administrative support:

direct resources to carry on scientific projects - e.g equipment, personnel, consumable -

indirect resources - e.g personnel office, accounting and controlling, purchase and security offices -

infrastructure - e.g. library, store, meeting rooms -

RI, like scientific facility


Make sure that your PI are well supported, receive meaningfull information on time, optimize resources without exceeding their allowance. 

We can implement and integrate a user-friendly RGL reporting system syncronize with your accounting system and atumotically updated.


orange square Budget reports

orange square Personnel Overview

orange square Cost assessment



Administration in science


Translate scientific results into real-time meaningful financial information!

Gain inside tips and tricks and take the advantage of having solid basis to support your vision.


orange square Operational infrastructure


We evaluate operations, design and implement organizational models, administrative processes and technology solutions. We verify the quality of data available, harmonize procedures, establish priorities and finally, translate scientific results into real-time meaningful financial information.


orange square Financial plan and forecast


Our consultants assist you to accurately understand the financial aspects of your institute by developing and implementing dynamic financial plans, expenditure forecasting and operating models.


You will be able to answer questions like:


What are our fix operating costs?

How much funds do we need for the next 5 years in order to keep the level of research we have now?

How much will we need to recruit new research groups?

Can we afford a new core facility?

Can we expand our existing core facilities?

Can we afford new instruments?

What are the consequences of purchasing a new instrument?




orange square Funding source assessment


We provide you with qualified, experienced Chief Financial Officer, to team up with your staff.


Our Project Managers can be dedicated to co-ordinate and carry on the management of research projects supported by third party funds, also for a limited period of time.


We support you generating appropriate assessment for financial evaluation, governmental evaluation, or internal purposes like institute budget analysis, mid-long financial plan, budget allocation analysis, personnel overview.





orange square Reporting and monitoring system


We design and implement a user-friendly financial report as tool to communicate financial information to stockholders, directors, research group leaders, facility leaders as well as perform budget analysis that will support decision-making process.





orange square Management system

Our expertise on management system for research institute could guide you through the different commercial solution.


After more then 12 years experience in science administration we have also developed an ad-hoc system that mainly supports the administration of core facility.

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Research Group

As Research Group Leader you need to optimize your institutional funds and third party grants.


You may want to assure continuity to your PhD students or to your Posdoc till the end of the project, and you are lost following up working contract duration vs grant position available. You want to do science!


We can assist you in all your administrative duties.

Here below a short summary of how we can support you. Please email us for more details!


orange square Personnel Overview

An easy and readable overview of all your employees' contracts can be automatically updated and view with one click.

You will able to answer questions like:



orange square Budget reports

If you have a clear understanding of your budget, you can better plan the development of your projects.

If you can quantify your resources and how these can be allocated and spent, you won't have unexpected surprise shortly before deadlines.


You will be able to answer questions like:

What's my yearly total budget?

Will my yearly budget be sufficient next years too?

How much have I already spent and how much is it still remaining?

Which fund would allow me to cover running costs?

How can I combine my institutional allocation?

orange square Grant administration

Are you going to submit a EU Grant and you don't want to spend energy in understanding all the financial requirement? Or have you been awarded one, but you don't want to hire a project manager full time?


We can assist you during the preparation phase to identify the major costs of your project, therefore prepare the appropriate budget structure and integrate the financial section into your grant proposal.


Our experienced project managers can support you while submitting financial reports on a regular basis, and coordinating the resources between the partners. We bridge with the administration and relieve you from any administrative duties.


Contact us before you submit a grant.



orange square Scientific Imaging Services

A scientific imaging service which can provide full range of support services to PhD students, Postdocs and Group Leaders.


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Managment system for RI

Improve communication

Enhance efficiency

Reduce costs