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Each Facility has its own needs and its own organizational model, thus administrative and legal requirements hide behind any operational enviroment.


We verify the appropriate business model and assure the adeguate work flow by harmonizing policies and procedures without adding adminsitrative duties to facility leaders.


We define the appropriate user fee model and billing process. We provide solutions to improve efficiencies, cost recovery in compliance with regulations to reach a self sustainable infrastructure.


orange square Legal Form

What is the appropriate legal form for my research infrastructure? Shall it be an indipend legal entity or shall it be integrated within the scientific laboratories?

Advantages and disadvantages, different alternatives and clear implications.



Legal form and funding scheme define the legal and administrative requirements you have to full fill. Discuss with our consultants what is the most suitable solution to reach a consolidated center.


orange square Business and Financial Model

Each Facility has its own forkfolw but very similar constrains.

We enhance your business and financial model to reach a clear understanding of your potential and reach a self-sustainable infrastructure.


orange square Funding and contribution

The financial support of the facility is crucial especially when large investment are involved and a larger team of experts is mandatory.

We make you discover new opportunities and a novel stockholder scheme.


orange square Cost Matrix and user fee calculation

Understand which service you can offer, the appropriate cost driver and calculate a unit fee.

You may discover to be able to offer, not only instrument time, but also packages. You may even able to afford a scientific collaboration investing adeguate resources.


We can support you to establish, update and maintain a costing matrix and work out a solid and trasparent user fee model.



orange square Facility recharge and billing system


To become a self-sustainable infrastructure or be able to recover a certain percentage of costs is in many cases mandatory.

Our experience shows that a recharge system is feasible if all operational aspects are also taken into account.


Let's define criteria and parameters, but do not under-estimate the added value of an electronic tool to support your activity.

Find out more about our MARIE.







With more then 12 years experience in science administration, we can first revise legal and administrative requirement that apply to your institute till the elaboration of a general "Policies and Procedures Guideline". Ultimately, we will finanlize an ad hoc Guideline that better suits your needs in combination with a professional training course of your staff.





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