Financial assessment

A careful revision and deep analysis of the annual budget, as weel as a cash flow analysis, enable a more accurate financial plan that clearly supports future strategy.


orange square Institute Budget Analysis


We provide you with qualified, experienced Chief Financial Officer, to team up with your staff.


After a deep analysis of the Institute Budget Structure, we screen each type of expenditure, we define fix costs vs variable costs, we identify weak area and eventually suggest improvent. Our consultant will assist you to identify main drawback, solve specific problems, therefore find solutions.



orange square Resources and costs assessment


Evaluate your funding sources to match your future strategies is the key to assure successful enduring projects, high quality of research and continuity.

A "break-even" cost analysis endorses policies and decisions for long-term sustainable infrastructure.


Understand the costs of your institute, of your infrastructure and of each scientific group is the first step to optimize resources and efficiently keep science to a high quality level.


We team up with your accounting office, we analyze the profit and lost statement and the institutional balance. We verify your funding sources and define the most appopriate financial plan for your activities to accomplish your mission.



orange square Middle-long term Financial Plan and Forecast


The financial plan is the solid basement of a sustainable organizational structure that needs to be maintained by a regular enduring dialog with the coordinators of each unit.


Our consultants assist you to accurately interpret the financial aspects of your institute by developing and implementing dynamic middle-long term financial plans, expenditure forecasting and operating models.


We define proper financial plans to couple scientific needs to financial resources available and therefore execute long-term strategies.


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