While the process of creating a Research Infrastructure is lead by scientific reason, operational, legal and administrative matters shall be guided by a qualified manager!


Our workshops are aimed at administrators of research infrastructure (RI), facility leaders and/or sceintists that want to lear more about financial matter, legal issue and general administrative management tricks about scientific facilities and research centers.


Each workshop takes place in an international enviroment. It consists of lectures, practical exercises about financial assessment and legal matter. Open discussion and exchange of experience are very much encouraged.


We will answer questions like:


How do I present a meaningful financial assessment?

How do I prove that my facility needs more staff?

How do we define a cost driver for a service?

How do we identify the costs to include in the price calculation?

What's the difference between "expenses" and "costs" ?



Each workshop has a min of 5 and max 10 participants. The number may vary depending on the location.

If you are interested, please contact us to verify if there is any place left.


Please bring your own computer and raw data if any available.

Hands on and let's practise!




Workshop schedule 2014


red square Budget and reporting system

   17 February 2014




red square Research Infrastructure

Facts & Figures

 8-9 October 2014

 MPI-CBG Dresden

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