Executive management

Operational enviroment

The legal form of the organization where scientific facilities operate has a strong impact on their scope and future development.

A multi-user architechture, a high variety of players with different roles influence the faith of the infrastructure built in-house or as indipendent center.


We optimize your resources and build the net you need to achieve expectations.

orange square Space, instrument and personnel

Define the set of technology required to sutisfy the scientific demand is only the shadow of a cascate of conditions needed to assure your operativitiy. Space, personnel and financial support would also influence the quality of the scientific support offered and determine a sustainable infrastrucutre.



orange square Facility Leader and Core activities

Core Facility's activities vary from offering access to technology (User Facility), providing a service (Service Facility), or rather a combination of these (Project based Facility).


Methodology development, protocol optimization, technology development are few example of additional activities carry on by a facility. Research projects may be carried on in collaboration with reserach laboratories or because of industrial collaborations which then requires adeguate legal contracts. Transfer technology and knowhow is certainly a demanding task especially when it comes to define patent and property right. Administrative and financial duties complete then the complex operational enviroment.


To full fill all these requirement, our consultants will make you outline the boundary of the facility activities and will design and implement ad hoc operational and financial tools to smooth and downstream your non-scientific activities.


What are the criteria to define a scientific unit a "Core Facility"?

Is it ecnomically convenient to set up a new Core Facility or shall we consider to outsorce or have an industrial partner?

Who are our core staff members?

What are the legal and adminsitrative requirement I should be aware of?
What are the consequences of a purchase?


orange square Access rights

A range of users may whish to use your resources but usage rate may vary during time and create financial difficulties.

We can work out a business and financial model to assure a fair access to internal users, academic and/or industrial users.

At the same time we bridge with your administration to reach the ultimate step of billing for your services.



orange square Policies and procedures

Depending on the organizational structure where the facility operates we suggest a set of policies and procedure to obtimize your resources.




Managment system for RI

Improve communication

Enhance efficiency

Reduce costs