Research infrastructure

Research Infrastructure

Research Infrastructures play a crucial role in the progress of science, especially when sophisticated instruments are crucial to achieve scientific result, large investments are required and higher level of expertise is essential.


A successful facility provides high quality of services, has experienced staff members, offers sophisticated technology platforms and of course gives access to its knowhow. But its success depends also on how well defined and integrated internal policies are and how well structured the work-flow between department is.

Ultimately, setting up or keep runing a facility may not be convenient and outsourcing may be a better alternative.

Core Facilities are certainly the future of science.

However, the management behind is far from being trivial.



What are the requisits for a Core Facility?

Is the scientific demand enough to justify a new Core?
Do we have the experitise in-house?

Can we afford such infrastructure?
What is the economical impact of a yearly service contract?

Do we need to introduce a user fee model?

Can we assure a middel-long term sustainability?
Do we need a new legal form?


Here below a nutshell of our expertises about Research Infrastructure.


orange square Set up new Core Facility

orange square Business and Financial Model

orange square Access right

orange square Cost Assessment and Financial Plan

orange square Funding and contribution

orange square Cost Matrix and User Fee Calculation

orange square Recharge and billing system

orange square Policies and Procedures


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Managment system for RI

Improve communication

Enhance efficiency

Reduce costs